Study Shows That Adults Aren’t Eating Enough Fruits & Vegetables


Only one in ten adult American’s are getting enough fruits and vegetables to eat everyday according to a new study by the CDC.

Alexus Arthur takes a closer look at the study and gets thoughts from locals.

“Mango,” said Madeine Girardot, Grocery Shopper.

“Grapes,” said Tina Limke, Grocery Shopper.


“Lettuce,” said Maria Holter, Grocery Shopper.

“Kale,” said Girardot.

Or vegetables?

“They’re good for you and I like them,” said Ellena Anderson, Grocery Shopper.

We all have our favorites, but either way people are just not getting enough.

“About half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables,” said Michelle Gleason, Registered Dietitian.

A study done by CDC shows that 10% of adult Americans are getting the right amount of recommended fruits and vegetables. For fruits, adults should be getting 1 1/2 – 2 cups and another 2-3 cups of vegetables.

“On a daily basis,” said Limke.

Eating right can be very beneficial to your health.

“People that do eat enough fruits and vegetables are at lower risk of those preventative chronic diseases,” said Gleason.

Some of those chronic diseases include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and obesity.

“It cleans you out, it makes it so you don’t have to — yeah, anyway,” said Holter.

It can be easy to include fruits and vegetables into your diet.

“Steaming is always a good option. That will keep them crisp and delicious tasting,” said Gleason.

“I’m a rabbit, I like lettuce,” said Holter.

“Just adding low fat ranch dressing to carrots and celery or peanut butter that could be a good way to make it taste better,” said Gleason.

“They keep you healthy,” said Girardot.

So, next time you’re prepping dinner, think about this picture making sure that you’re plate is half full with the fruits and vegetables that are recommended to eat every day.

The dietitian adds that making sure your plate is full of color is another way to help determine if you’re getting all your nutrients.

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