BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — KX News has been following the Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 pipeline project since the beginning.
Summit Carbon Solutions partnered with more than 30 ethanol plants across Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, where it will collect liquid CO2, carry it to North Dakota, and release it underground outside Beulah.
Summit’s proposed pipeline would span more than 2,000 miles across those 5 states, and although not everyone is for the project here in our state, communications director Sabrina Zenor says thousands of landowners are. The company continues to express that there are 5,000 miles of CO2 pipelines across the country so far, but this would be the largest scale pipeline to date.

“Without this project, carbon capture and sequestration, the future of ethanol is really unknown,” said Sabrina Zenor, “And we want to be partners in these communities. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with ethanol plants. We have capacity to add more ethanol plants into our line. We truly believe that carbon capture and sequestration is the future of ethanol in this country, and we believe that ethanol has a place in this country in the energy sphere.”

As we recently reported, the city of Bismarck did lawyer up with attorney Patrick Zomer.

Sabrina Zenor respects the city’s decision to do that. They are now waiting on a date to decide what comes next.

“In North Dakota, we are waiting for the hearing on preemption to be decided,” said Zenor, “They have to set the date, which was what we’re waiting for right now. As soon as that date is set, we’re expecting that the hearing, the re-hearing on our Bismarck reroute would happen after that.”

Zenor says Summit Carbon Solutions goal is to continue to educate and help people understand the economic benefits that this project brings.