BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — After our latest report from the landowners’ meeting regarding the Summit Carbon Solutions Project, KX News spoke with Summit Carbon Solutions themselves for their response. 

Summit Carbon Solutions’ project plans to carry a pipeline across five states ending here in North Dakota, where captured carbon dioxide will be permanently stored underground. 

They say it is proven to be beneficial, effective and it has even worked in some projects already. 

Our previous interviewee concerned about this particular project, Scott Skokos, referred to the project as essentially quote, “a federal tax credit boondoggle.” 

Executive VP of Summit Carbon Solutions, Wade Boeshans, says that is simply not the case. 

“Whether it was electrical infrastructure or internet connection, the banking industry supported the agriculture industry in the forms of crop insurance and others, because these are critical to the U.S. economy and the livelihoods of all. In this case, you have 45Q tax credits and that is the incentive for capturing and storing CO2. That was put in place in 2018 by the Trump administration and then recently expanded by the Biden administration. So yes, there is an incentive out there, and it’s incentivizing the deployment of low carbon energy supply to the benefit of all Americans,” Boeshans said.  

Be sure to tune in to KX News this weekend, we will go into detail about the actual project with Summit Carbon Solutions and speak with landowners who are not opposed to the pipeline.