Surrey Police Officer Receives Life Saving Award

It’s a police officers job to protect and serve the community.
One Officer in Surrey recently went above and beyond to do just that.
Casey Visocsky has been a police officer for just over a year and he’s already made instrumental impacts on his department and community.

“He really is a blessing to our department” says Surrey Police Chief Luis Coca.

In early May, officer Visocsky responded to a potential overdose situation that was out of his normal route.

“There was a call for help at the Dawn and Dusk gas station” says Surrey Police Officer Casey Visocsky.

He was about a mile from the gas station so he took it upon himself to respond. Going into the situation – he knew it could be life or death but he says his training is what kept him calm.

“Go with what your gut says,” says Visocsky.

When he arrived on scene, he administered the first dose of NARCAN but received no response. A while later he administered a second dose and that’s when the man woke up and started speaking.

“I followed through with how I was trained and thankfully everything worked out in the end,” says Visocsky.

For those actions – his chief nominated him for the lifesaving award through the North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association.

“I really believe that officer Visocsky needed to be recognized for the efforts he put in,” says Coca.

He was chosen to win the award.

“It gives me confidence,” says Visocsky.

“It’s an honor that our small town has someone like officer Visocsky that’s willing to go above and beyond the call of duty,” says Surrey resident Connie Tyler.

“I’m just really proud of my officer,” says Coca.

Moving forward – Visocsky says that he feels ready for any situation because he knows he can handle it.

“Helping my community was the number one goal,” says Visocsky.

“He’s really become a shining example of what we expect in our officers,” says Coca.

Visocsky says that from the time he got the call to the time the man responded— was less than 10 minutes.

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