Survey: North Dakotans spend 22 days a year stressing out


According to a recent survey, North Dakotans spend 22 days a year stressing out on, well, anything and everything.

That’s about 10 hours a week, or a little more than an hour a day.

Being stressed.

Or, more specifically, “micro-stressed,” according to sleep industry information website, Sleepopolis.

Micro-stress is defined as thinking or worrying about things like, “Did I turn off the stove?” or forgetting to wish a family member Happy Birthday or dealing with slow drivers in front of you.

Micro-stresses happen throughout the day and, in some cases, can build up into larger stressed out moments.

While can affect things like sleep, which leads to the Sleepopolis survey.

According to Sleepopolis, while 22 days a year stressing out in North Dakota seems high, many other states have greater numbers of stressed out days.

Montanans, for example, stress out 35 days a year, while Minnesotans are nerve-wracked 25 days a year.

South Dakotans, on the other hand, are downright mellow: They stress out only 2 days a year, according to the survey, the lowest number in the 50 states.

The most stressed out state? Vermont, where residents stress out 63 days a year.

You can read the complete survey and methodology here.

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