NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The second 2024 Republican presidential debate is tonight.

7 candidates will join the stage, including our very on North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

As we are approaching a big presidential election, the winner of the seat has a lot to prove and do, once elected.

KX News’ Adrienne Oglesby sat down with State Senator David Hogue, who shares what he thinks we need.

“I think we need somebody, like Governor Burgum, who gets the big picture, that understands our energy independence is directly linked to our national security and national strength. I would point to the example of Europe and their excessive dependence on Russia for natural gas, oil and fossil fuels. As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine and our NATO allies and the United States decided we need to find some way to check their aggression, Europe soon figured out that they would be devastated if they stopped buying Russian oil, Russian natural gas,” said Hogue.

Hogue says he believes Doug Burgum, when he says we can achieve strength and national security through aggressive energy production. During the First Republican presidential debate, Doug Burgum was on the outskirts of the stage. KX News asked Senator Hogue what should be the strategy for the second debate? Should he get knee deep in the conversation and tackle some of those hefty topics?

“I’m not a strategist, but I think the more the people get to know Governor Burgum, the more support he’ll gain among Americans. I think the best indication of that is, look at his run for governor in 2016. He was not well known outside of Fargo in the spring of 2016, but the more people got to know him, particularly across the West, the more support he earned, and he ended up winning the governor by a landslide, re-elected by a landslide. I think you’re seeing that on a national level as well. You know, he was polling around a little under 1% for a while. But, here’s a poll that shows him with 3% support, “said Hogue.

He says Burgum’s ability to introduce himself to more Americans will only help that support.
But when KX News last spoke with our state DEM-NPL leaders, they worry about his duties as governor during his campaign trail.
“My only hope for him is that he remembers that he is governor of North Dakota, and he has citizens here who need him to fulfill that role too, “said DEM-NPL’s, executive director, Cheryl Biller.
“You know, I would echo Cheryl’s sentiments and the fact that you know, he’s got a state to run,” said DEM-NPL’s, treasurer, Patrick Hart.

But Senator Hogue disagrees.

“I don’t think that’s true at all. I mean, I’ve known the governor, you know, for a couple of legislative sessions. He’s an extraordinarily hard worker. I mean, get texts, calls, it could be eight o’clock at night and it’s like, no, he’s very hard working. I met with him just a couple of weeks ago. I met with him three times for the emergency commission. We met about the ethics commission. He’s very accessible. I don’t see that as an issue at all, and I have the opportunity to work with him on a regular basis,” said Hogue.
Overall, his stance is clear, Team Doug Burgum trumps Team Donald Trump in his eyes.
“I support, Governor Burgum for President. I’m from North Dakota. I know what his values are. I’ve met Donald Trump, but I don’t know him that well. I know his policies, I support his policies, but on the whole, I think Governor Burgum would be a great president, “said Hogue.

The two-hour debate starts at 8 o’clock central time.
You can see it on fox news, fox business network and you can stream it through the Reagan Foundation’s website.