BEULAH, N.D. (KXNET) — Talon Metals is continuing with its plan for a new processing plant.
The Senate and the U.S. Department of Energy approved $115 million for the plan, which details construction of the plant near Beulah.

This week, Beulah city leaders talked about the plans at their commission meeting.
We don’t know just yet where the new plant will be built, but a Talon spokesperson says they hope to use nickel mined in northern Minnesota and process it to build batteries for electric cars.
The processed metal will then be shipped to a Tesla plant in Texas.

“They’re going to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 155 new employees. So, we will gain population, which will benefit all of Mercer County and our cities,” said Granville (Beaver) Brinkman, Economic Development Director for the city of Beulah.

The project will reduce America’s dependence on mined nickel from other countries, including Russia, Australia, and China.