A task force is being put together to reconnect residents of long term care facilities with their loved ones.

Residents have been separated from their family and friends since Gov. Doug Burgum ordered them closed to visitors on March 9.

But now a task force is being formed with residents, family members, state politicians and the North Dakota Long Term Care Association.

The task force will be working on a solution for the next few weeks on what it will take to ensure residents stay safe.

“We want to do it safely and we don’t want to put anyone’s life in danger. As we see what the virus is doing and we’re seeing residents recover and we’re seeing some facilities haven’t had any cases so why can’t we start safely reuniting them,” shared Shelly Peterson, the President for North Dakota Long Term Care Association.

There are 218 long term care facilities across the state.

This task force will be working alongside these facilities to come up with a solution.