People all over the world get tattoos as lasting reminders– commemorating loved ones or specific moments in their lives.

And one Bismarck woman wants the memories of the RJR Maintenence victims to live on.
Nikki, a tattoo artist at The Alchemist Tattoo personally moved by this loss, was compelled to raise money for the families affected by the tragedy last month. 

She designed special tattoos with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the families of the victims. 

There is also a free will donation box available for those who don’t want a tattoo but want to help the families. 

EXTRA: In honor of RJR Aileen, the body piercer at the Alchemist Tattoo will also be raising funds for the families & loved ones affected by the tragedy of April 1st. She will be donating a percentage of piercing fees going directly to those affected.