Tavis Flood Control system is decreasing water levels


For the first time since it was built — the Tavis Flood Control system was put into use on Sunday. 
It lowers the water level storage to protect residents East of Fox Island — near Bismarck.

The water behind me is draining out of the system and was at least several feet higher than just a few days ago — that means the system is working, and people here can breathe a sign of relief. 

If you see water in your backyard at any point – you’re probably worried about more. 

John Lies, Lives Along Tavis Flood Control, says,”I could see it coming up fairly fast.”

John Lies has lived in the same house along the bay area for 30 years –surviving the 2011 flood — this time around– the high waters don’t worry him as much anymore.  

Lies says, “They are going to close this gate when the river hits 13 feet, and they did. And they started the pumps.”

Experts are saying that the Tavis Flood Control is working. As you can see the water levels are down. It used to be feet higher. Now, we take a look at the other side and this is what it would look like if the control did not exist.

Lies says, “I like to think they did this all for me and the citizens of south Bismarck, but it protects the waste water treatment plant. If that went then we’d have issues no matter what we do.”

So far about 3 feet of water has been pumped out and another half a foot is expected. 

Mary Senger, Burleigh County Emergency Management, says, “I know they are happy to see their levels drawn down and on this side they are looking at what’s the impact to me and it hasn’t been an adverse impact at all.”

Senger is predicting that the decrease of another 6 or so inches will be sometime Wednesday morning.
 After that — the controls will automatically shut off and the water’s should stay this level.

Senger tells me that on this side — where the water is being pushed into and towards the Missouri has a very minimal impact on the residents here. 

It really doesn’t matter how far away you are it’s how high you are from the water.


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