Taylor man thanks Sanford AirMed for helping to save his life

Sanford AirMed has been operating out of Dickinson, ND since 2014, and one young man from Taylor, ND who was in a near-fatal car accident said without them he might not be around today.

On December 2, 2018, Jayden Olson, his brother Johnny, and their friend Adrian were returning home from feeding the family horses in Richardton, ND when the three of them got into a horrific car accident on Highway 8 near mile marker 89.

“I got off too far on the side of the road, and I rolled the vehicle. . . Jayden got ejected from the vehicle,” said Johnny Olson.

Jayden was ejected about six feet from the 1982 Dodge Single Cab pickup, and he had to be rushed to a Dickinson hospital for traumatic injuries.

The first thing they asked me is who my pastor was, which freaked me out a little bit,” said Janine Olson, Jayden’s mom.

The twenty -year old- had a traumatic brain injury and ruptured spleen, and he had to be transported to a hospital in Bismarck,ND quickly for emergency surgery.

“That’s where Sanford AirMed services are really advantageous, because of the speed. . .  we can getthose patients to that specialty service,” said Dustin Kuhn, Sanford Airmed flight paramedic.

In the accident, Johnny was driving, and he hurt his back.

Their friend Adrian was sitting in the middle of the cab and suffered a torn rotator cuff.

Jayden was on the passenger side and suffered the most serious injuries, but he said the entire experience is like a dream for him.

“I remember waking up in the hospital. I don’t remember why I was there or how I got there,” said Jayden Olson.

However, the Taylor resident now realizes that without Sanford AirMed he may not be sitting in his living room with his parents today.

“Those guys are awesome. . . a miracle” said Jayden Olson.

Janine Olson and her husband Mike said,” If he had not of gotten the surgery as quickly as he needed, he would not have been able to make the progress he made already”.

Jayden spent about three weeks in the hospital and another two months receiving rehab at Craig Hospital in Colorado.

Jayden is doing well today and is back to work, enjoying life with his family.

For the men an women of Sanford AirMed he just a few words for them.

“Thank you so much,” said Jayden Olson.

Sanford AirMed also has locations in Bismarck, Fargo, Sioux Falls, SD, and Bemidji, MN.

Sanford AirMed Hangar

Sanford AirMed is also enjoying its new home at Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport.

In the Fall of 2018, they started construction on a new hangar for their fixed-wing aircraft and crew.

In April they moved into it and are loving it.

The hangar has four living quarters for the crew, a full kitchen, living room, supply room, and two bathrooms.

The hangar is only for Sanford Airmed.

Before they were leasing space at the airport and using a shared hangar, that was detached from the crew members living quarters and supplies.

Now they said things are much easier because it is all under one roof.

“Things are going to be much more efficient. Our lift-off times will be very much reduced,” said Dustin Kuhn, Sanford Airmed flight paramedic.

Sanford AirMed plans to show off their new hangar to the public and local first responders at an Open House this Sunday, May 19, for EMS week.

It will be from 12 pm -3 pm at the Sanford Airmed Hangar at Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport.

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