Stephanie Williams is a third-grade teacher who has years of experience teaching students.

“My passion is to always help them to be self-helpers and always to encourage them to find that aha moment and to really to find joy and purpose for themselves,” Morton County Teacher of The Year Stephanie Williams said.

William’s grandfather was a college professor and her grandmother, mom, and father were also teachers giving her that itch to get in front of the classroom.

“I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was little,” Williams said.

What Williams has in common with her grandmother is that she also was an elementary school teacher.

“She was kind of my inspiration. I have a couple of pieces in my classroom that are hers.” Williams said.

Pieces that helped her to become this year’s Morton County Teacher of The Year.

“I think to be a teacher of the year hard work, a passion and to help kids and to be always learning all the time,” Williams said.

Williams said she is proud to be working where her roots grew. She graduated from Mandan High in 2003, enrolled at Bismarck State College, and later graduated from Minnesota State University Morehead.

She has been teaching in Mandan for 11 years.

“You have worked hard for so many years and your colleagues work just as hard and it’s really exciting to know that you’re honored among so many people working so hard,” Williams said.