Teachers, Board Remain At Odds After State Commission Intervention

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Minot teachers and the school board remain unable to settle a months-long contract dispute despite intervention by a state commission.

The Minot School Board voted this morning to accept the plan offered this week by the State Fact Finding Commission to break the impasse with teachers over next year’s contract.
The board chairman said the commission’s plan was a reasonable compromise.

(Jim Rostad, Minot School Board Chairman) “They asked a lot of important questions and they’ve been through this process before. At this point the board felt that even though we compromised and MEA compromised, we though it was a good middle ground to the problem and we’re ready to move on.”

But at negotiations this afternoon, the Minot Education Association did not agree to any of the proposed plan.
Afterwards, an MEA negotiator said the biggest rift is over the teachers’ desire to have a policy to allow sick leave for teachers to care for adult children.

(Amy Meal, MEA Negotiator) “We just want to be able to take care of our families. We feel that we are in the business of people and we take care of other families and want to be able to take care of our own family.”

The two sides have scheduled another neogtiation session for Friday.

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