Tech Tuesday – Money Making Apps


Paying bills is a part of the month nobody looks forward to…
But there’s a simple way to make some quick cash to offset those monthly payments.

It’s Tech Tuesday, and happening now…Emily Medalen is live to tell us the latest options for money-making apps.

Hi Emily.

Alysia, using apps to make money with our smartphones is becoming easier and easier, especially because they have become such a large part of our lives, even during small daily tasks.
I spoke with tech guru Marlo Anderson about some of the best apps to pull in a few, or a few hundred, extra dollars this year.

The future of part-time jobs may be right inside your pocket.

“Of course they’re going to be very popular,” says Marlo Anderson, Guru of Geek.

Money-making apps are becoming a norm in the U.S. –
Right now, hundreds exist for the iPhone and Androids, and provide jobs at your leisure.

“You can kind of, custom make that time around what you have available, so even if you have a full-time job, but you want to work some nights and weekends, you can do that with these type of apps,” says Anderson.

So, what’s the catch?

“If you’re going to sign up to make money with an app, you have to investigate it a little bit,” says Anderson.

Some apps will claim you can earn big bucks just sitting on your couch.
Anderson says to be cautious.

“If you think you’re getting scammed because you know, you want to make money watching videos for example, you know, that might be okay, but you’re probably gonna do better with something like a Task Rabbit or a Lyft type of app to make a couple extra dollars.”

Other apps, like iBotta and Checkout 51, give you a discount on grocery shopping, and allow you to cash it out once you reach a certain amount.
Anderson says these, along with the ones that involve just a bit of side work, are your best bet.

“If it’s more labor type related, like if you’re shoveling snow or driving somebody around, you’re going to make more money on those.”

He says as long as you’ve done your research with these apps, you could easily have success with just a few clicks and swipes of the finger.

Tim and Alysia, I’ll be back later in the show with a list of what Marlo says are three of the best, newer apps that you can use to make a quick buck.


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