Testing your body outside the doctor’s office

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If you are feeling sick, The North Dakota Natural Health Center, says trying holistic options instead of going straight for the antibiotics may be an option.

It offers three types of tests including a comprehensive thyroid panel, a Vitamin D panel and a food sensitivity panel. The tests looks at how your body is functioning in a holistic perspective.

Naturopathic Doctor at Dakota Natural Health Center, Stephanie Nishek, says the tests help people get to the root of their problems.

“It’s the idea of I’m not sick but I have even been to see my doctor and they say everything is fine, but I still don’t feel good,” says Nishek. “So it’s digging into that next deeper layer potentially or just a little bit. But gives us more information to make us feel more confident that this is or is not the problem.”

The test is not billed through insurance. Tests range from 90 to 210 dollars each.They also offer testing in Minot and Dickinson.

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