The aftermath of a spring snow storm.

A day after the record-breaking snowfall some people in the capital city are still in a jam.

The City of Bismarck reminds you to clear all snow from their sidewalks and the crosswalks of corner lots.

You can also help the snow removal process by moving vehicles off of the street.

Businesses are responsible for clearing snow from their property.

A Bismarck City Ordinance doesn’t allow you to dump or deposit snow or ice from private property onto any public street or alleyway.  

KX News spoke to residents about how they are handling the change in weather.

“You can already feel the temperature and the birds are coming out. So, you know spring is away, but it is good for the plants and the grass. So, it is better than no snow,” said Candice Moench, North Dakota resident.

“Shoveling is getting old but I guess the farmers are like the moisture we are getting and hopefully we don’t get much flooding from all this,” said Damon Huck, North Dakota resident. 

The Bismarck Roads and Streets Department expects to be done plowing the city by midnight tonight.
This includes snow emergency routes, school emergency routes, as well as major arterial and residential routes. 

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