With the beginning stages of construction for the Silver Ranch development underway, you might be wondering how they found land to build 2,800 homes.

The Silbernagel’s sold a portion of their 1,100 acres of property to make the Silver Ranch development happen. Nadeane Silbernagel says she and her husband purchased the property over 50 years ago and did everything there. She said she and her family decided to sell their land because they wanted to share their memories with the rest of Bismarck.

They have been planning this development for years along with current owner and land developer, Chad Wachter.

Silbernagel says, “Our vision is bicycle paths, tennis courts that was important to our family, picnic areas and anything that brings family and family living together.”

Wachter says he’s been working together with the Silbernagels regularly to make sure he carries out the families vision.