The dangers of vaping, electronic cigarette use and prescription drug abuse.

Students and parents filled one high school auditorium last night for a lecture on the dangers of vaping, electronic cigarette use and prescription drug abuse. 
Robert Suhr has the story.

With most colleges idle this week for spring break, University of North Dakota Professor of the Year Frank White used his off time, to teach a different type of class…a class that could change that path of someone currently on or thinking about electronic cigarette use. 
“We’re seeing people as young as eight years old with potential addiction problems,” said White.
White spoke to over 100 parents, students, and educators at Legacy high School Tuesday Night about the dangers and risks associated with vaping, which is currently being utilized by around 20-percent of high school students across the country. White said he’s even having trouble keeping up with the changing technology…
White says,”There’s something new every week, but over the last couple of months it’s been vaping, but close to that too has been the prescription drug abuse the new fentanyl those painkillers, the synthetic painkillers and the synthetic drugs that can be vaped.”
Parents I spoke with tell me they’re shocked at how the typical E-cig can look like an everyday item, such as a USB drive…
“I did not have any idea, how easy it was to hide and how hard it is for teachers and parents to find, that’s what’s scary about it,” according to parent Jana Wisthoff
I also spoke with Robert Beam, a father, who recently caught his son, a 7th grader, trying a vape…
Behm said, “it’s just a little mind boggling that kids are trying this at this age and experimenting and how easy it is to get it and look it up and not knowing the consequences of what their doing”. 
Behm’s son Brady tells me he’s vaped and thinks it was a big mistake…   
Brady said, “I tell my friends, like i’ve tried it before, and it’s not what you think it is, it’s bad for you, I don’t recommend it”. 
He tells me peer pressure and wanting to fit in led him to try vaping, but after hearing White’s speech, it’s something he’ll never try again. 
White says he’ll be talking to students in Wahpeton in a few days before traveling to Alaska for some speeches there.

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