After Mother Nature pummeled North Dakota with heavy snow and high winds, she decided to add a little visual dazzle Monday morning in the form of huge sundogs.

Sundogs are the streaks of light that appear on both sides of the sun, usually at sunrise or sunset.

They are caused by light refracting through ice crystals in the air.

Several residents in the KX viewing area submitted photos of sundogs Monday morning as the sun was rising.

Sundogs near Munich (Uploaded by Marla Barsness)
Sundogs over Bottineau (Uploaded by Jeff Gartner)
An image of today’s sundogs taken from the Gefroh Farm in Underwood (Uploaded by Adrian Grimes)
Outside the house (Uploaded by Maxine Torres Vazquez)
Sunrise, at the Dickinson Airport 12/27 (Uploaded by Steven Schaffner)
Just north of Napoleon (Uploaded by Debbie Bedette)