One of first lady, Kathyrn Burgum’s initiative’s is to reinvent recovery for addicts.

In fact, she says that alcohol and drug use is the number one social issue in North Dakota.

One community is bringing addiction to the forefront and is doing what they can to combat the problem permanently.

“I felt like I was by myself,” said Teliea Baker, The Door Director.

Teliea Baker was addicted to heroin for six years. It was in 2013 when she got in trouble with law enforcement and had time to think about how she was going to make a positive change in her life.

“Being an ex-heroin addict I had so many withdrawals for so long and had so many bad seizures coming out of it,” said Baker.

Now that she’s been sober for a few years, she’s received training on how to be addiction counselor and she’s using it here at The Door. It’s a new recovery and resource center on Main Street in New Town.

“Open new doors, open and help people, be the light in the darkness,” said Baker.

The center coincides with first lady Kathryn Burgum’s initiative. After receiving a 70,000 dollar grant they renovated 3 full rooms and opened a place that people can come to once they are out of treatment.

“It’s a place where someone in recovery can meet another person in recovery and hopefully they can build a bond and help each stay on this good road,” said Cheyenne Brady, North Segment Health Manager.

It’ll also be a place to get you on your right path whether that’s getting a degree, building a resume, or finding a new job.

“I think the biggest thing we need to do is to have leadership that is sober that will provide services that are needed,” said Monica Mayer, Physician.

And Teliea believes she can be the one to open a new door for a former addict.

“I’d rather be that light,” said Baker.

The center is voluntary to attend and is open to all addictions.