The Gift Of Music

A young man who enjoys sharing his gift of music with the greatest generation has something new to use in his performances.
And it’s all thanks to someone in the audience.
Jim Olson takes us to Velva and Garrison to explain.

This is the story of a guitar. A Gretsch White Falcon. And while it’s just a replica of the 1950s iconic electric guitar – the real thing might sell for $30,000 – it’s priceless to Daniel Starks.

(Daniel Starks, Ryder ND Musician) “It’s a beauty.”

Daniel has been using his new White Falcon replica to serenade residents of long term care centers recently. Here in Garrison, he was playing for Alice Meier’s 98th birthday party

(Alice Meier, Longtime Mohall Resident) “I figured we just needed a little excitement.”
(Daniel Starks, Ryder ND Musician) “I always make it a big priority to visit nursing homes and assisted living centers to play for the people. My favorite music is their favorite music.”

But Daniel didn’t always have this White Falcon on his shoulder. He was playing for residents at Valley View Manor in Velva recently when someone in the audience took note of Daniel’s style – trying to emulate some of the greats like Chet Atkins.

(Joseph Streeper, Velva) “It caught my eye for sure.”
(Daniel Starks, Ryder ND Musician) “Next thing I know he says he’s a guitar player and we went to his room and we started playing them. Next day I got a call from his daughter saying dad wanted to give me one of his guitars.”
(Joseph Streeper, Velva) “I like the kid. Like the way he played.”
(Daniel Starks, Ryder ND Musician) “I just couldn’t believe it.”

But it’s true. Daniel now has an instrument he’s dreamed of playing
All because of the connections he makes through music.


And what does Joe think of this guitar player who’s a quarter of his age? Is he one of the best?

(Joseph Streeper, Velva) “He ain’t one of the best yet. But he will be. I sure hope so.”

And if Daniel Starks keeps getting around, who knows?
In Garrison, and Velva, Jim Olson, KX News.

By the way, if you want to see Daniel Starks play – look for him at Norsk Høstfest this September, or at a nursing home near you.

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