The guilty pleasure North Dakotans search for online


The Internet, more than anything else, let’s people indulge in their “guilty pleasures.”

Search engine data support this.

Internet service provider search site,, compiled a list of common online guilty pleasures and then analyzed Google search data to find the most searched term in each state.

Of course, what constitutes a “guilty pleasure” is wide open for debate and, often, a matter of personal taste — one person’s normal interest is another person’s guilty pleasure.

With that in mind, the search data results were divided into several categories and topics.

In Minnesota, the most searched “guilty pleasure” term on Google was “Online Auction.”

In South Dakota, it was “WebMD.”

In Montana, the most searched term was “Celebrity News.”

And in North Dakota?

What was the most searched “guilty pleasure” term in Google by those living in the Peace Garden State?


That’s right. North Dakotans are looking for a hook-up via the world’s most popular dating app.

You can read more on the search data survey and discover more insights here.

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