The impact of hunting and fishing on the state’s economy

Hunting and fishing in North Dakota contributed $2.1 billion to the state’s economy in just one year alone.

North Dakota is known for its hunting and fishing. Bismarck even ranks 9th on the 35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US, according to Outdoor Life. 

“If you are not into fishing and hunting, there are fewer reasons to be located in this area. It’s a big plus to be in fishing and hunting,” said Wade Anderson, President of Dakota Tackle.  

Wade Anderson is the president of Dakota Tackle and says these past years the economy for fishing has been high because the fish have been biting.

“The 2017-2018 year has been busier, the anglers are getting out. There are more lakes available, and we had a really good year for reproduction. So, there are more anglers going to different lakes than years prior. Before it was fewer lakes and less access,” said Anderson. 

Which explains the amount of money hunters and anglers are spending in the state. In the 2017-2018 expenditure report put out by the North Dakota Game and Fish and NDSU, the report shows that hunters and anglers across the state spent $974 million on equipment– vehicles, lodging, and more. 

These expenditures generated 1.1 billion in secondary economic benefit creating a whopping, $2.1 billion for the state.

The report also shows a vast majority of that money came from North Dakota, as opposed to non-residents.

“We are tracking trends, so if we had a significant trend downward in expenditures, that might mean that we need to market things differently or change things in a management scenario,” said Scott Peterson, Deputy Director of North Dakota Game and Fish.

There’s a major upward trend in bucks, in comparison to the last report in 2011-2012, $331 million more dollars were spent by hunters and fisherman across the state.

That big increase doesn’t land in the pockets of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department but instead is spread across North Dakota businesses.

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