The Lions are headed to nationals

Some North Dakota students are heading to a national competition. 

The robotics team from Bishop Ryan Catholic school competed against 38 teams over the weekend and will be one of 4 teams representing the state. 

“This one is going to ram into there and it’s going to push it back and it did successfully”. 

Success is the keyword, because the students you see in this room are gearing up to represent North Dakota in a world competition.

“Before regionals, we came in and we built the missions and then we built the robot and then we started making programs,” said student Kaitlyn Picard.

they’ve been working hard since October… 

‘it’s just kind of exciting to see the kids interact with each other and really work together and kind of accomplish something in the end,” said coach Randy Brunner. 

They use Lego robotics to build programs which allow them to do things like this…

‘We just kind of mix up the line up as we need to and see how many of those we can actually execute in 2 and a half minutes,” said Brunner. 

While competing they are judged on how well they work as a team, and how well the robot they built works.

“We learn teamwork and most all and how to program, said Picard. 

And they will continue the teamwork and hope to bring back another trophy home. 

The robotics team will be flying to Detroit Michigan in April to compete. 

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