The Missouri River Stabilizes Over the Weekend

River Status OTS_1530492109526.png.jpg

The Missouri River has stabilized at 13.16 feet over the last couple of days. 

The pumps in the Tavis Control Structure are set to automatic and will turn on and off as the water reaches set levels. 

We spoke with the Burleigh County Emergency Manager, who said the structure should be able to keep the water level stable. 

She told us the Army Corps of Engineers is still releasing water at 60,000 CFS, making the current even a little faster here.

Boats are still expected to idle when driving within 200 feet of shoreline, and she encouraged people to maintain awareness.

The Emergency Manager Mary Senger adds, “Especially if you live along the river, watch any water encroachment, groundwater saturation and just keep your eye on things.”

Sandbag sites will also remain open beyond the 15th of July, just in case the water does continue to rise.

You can find a Burleigh County sand bag site by following the link below:

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