In continuing coverage, The Red River Valley Water supply pipeline project has been consistent in our top stories recently we now are reporting what Senator Hoeven has to say in response to the way landowners feel.

“If any legislators are listening you need to get involved if you’re going to fund this project then fun fair compensation for the landowners, we are citizens and taxpayers of North Dakota and we and our land should be treated better than this, legislators take the time to actually look into this,” said Sykeston landowner, Fred Richter.

This was the plea and call to action requested by Fred Richter and other landowners that will be affected by The Red River Valley Water supply pipeline project.

Senator John Hoeven came to the region yesterday with the goal to discuss efforts to advance this project and two others.

KX News asked the Senator if he knew about the landowners’ complaints and concerns.

“Yeah, so I understand that they’re still working along the route with some of the landowners and they need to work with those landowners and make sure that they’re fairly compensated and that they meet any concerns that they have, but remember that this is a water pipeline so it’s removing water it’s not like moving oil gas or something like that so then sometimes people get worried about other issues, here this is water just like you’d have maybe if you’re in town you’ll have a waterline up under your house, “said Senator Hoeven.

He went on to express that he understood some of their concerns but stressed the importance of the pipeline and getting water to those in need across our state.

As we reported earlier in July, this group of landowners express that they understand the need for water in the eastern part of the state, but they wish they were reassured by Garrison Diversion that their land would be okay during and after the installation of the pipeline.

Being that the Red River Valley Water supply pipeline project is a state project, Senator Hoeven says.

But as far as working with those landowners, the state of North Dakota, they need to work with those landowners and make sure that they’re fairly compensated and that if they have any concerns that those concerns are addressed,” he says.

As stated in previous reports, KX News did request to speak with our state leaders at the capitol to get some questions answered, but they declined an interview and gave us a statement instead, promoting the project.

We will be speaking with Garrison Diversion’s general manager Duane DeKrey on August 11th to report more and address this issue further.

This is a developing story.