The search for Lone Bear continues

A 10,000 reward is now being offered for information on Olivia Lone Bear’s disappearance.

“We’re hoping that brings in more tips more information leading to the whereabouts of Olivia”.

Lone Bear was last seen Oct twenty fourth driving a teal blue pick-up truck. Both the vehicle and Lone Bear are no where to be found.

“We’re a few weeks into it and we don’t know anything, no location of the truck, no location of Olivia,” said Melichi Four Bear who is Olivia’s brother.

Family and community members remain confused

“We don’t know where she’s at we’re not getting the information like say the vehicle that she took I don’t know how a whole pick could just disappear,” said search volunteer Valeri Fastdog-Hosie.

Search parties began two weeks ago, using ATV’s, airboats, even airplanes and now their latest search tool. Drones.

“We have a drone or two up in the air searching the coolie’s and what not getting into places we probably can’t see looking over,” said Four Bear.

Since the hunting season started, search parties have been mistaken as hunters-

and since then they’ve started wearing red ribbons in order for land owners not to get confused.

“That needs to get out to all the land owners and different people so they know that’s what we’re there for not to be hunting or anything else,” said Fastdog-Hosie.

Through all their efforts this Newtown community remains hopeful

“Since the search has been conducted we pretty much all bonded and became like a family,” said search volunteer Diana Americanhorse.

“I think we are individually trying to stay hopeful and you know that,” said Fastdog-Hosie.

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