As reported this week, KX News reached out to the leaders at our state Capitol, who declined to interview about the water pipeline project.

Reporter Adrienne Oglesby requested to meet to discuss some inquiries from our viewers to discuss water crisis plans, and how the relationship with Canada and our water comes into play regarding permission access and cross-contamination. 

We also requested to discuss the likelihood and history of “crisis” in our state and other ways to manage large projects based only on “possibilities.” 

Lastly, we wanted to know if the capital has any say in these projects.

After declining the interview, the Public Information Officer from our state water resources, Lee Greuel, sent a statement saying.

“Since statehood, North Dakota has been a strong supporter of projects that put Missouri River water to beneficial use for its citizens, agricultural producers, and industry.  When completed, the Red River Valley Water Supply Project will provide our state with a tremendous opportunity to utilize abundant Missouri River water during times of extreme drought by supplying a supplemental water supply to approximately 50% of North Dakota’s population in central and eastern counties. From the project’s inception, the State Water Commission and Department of Water Resources have served as a funding partner on the state’s behalf on this critical project that will enhance resiliency to future water supply shortages caused by drought.”

The statement sent did not answer the questions at hand, and left us with more questions. 

We will keep you posted if anything changes.