The Troll Stage Features Musical Talent

There are tons of people roaming around Hostfest and they are finding entertainment around every corner.

For one Hostfest-goer, all it took was a good beat and talented singers to catch her attention.

Day 1 of the Hostfest and many people that I’ve seen are in awe of everything there is.

Joi Carlson has a bucket list of the things she wants to see at the Hostfest. One of those things was seeing Joy Street simply because it was the same name as hers.

“I had talked to the one singer. I took a picture with him on the corner of Joy and Chester,” said Joi Carlson, Visitor.

Making it to her destination, she realized there was even more here than she expected. The Troll Stage is right on this corner and for an hour and half, 2 times a day – the Ragnarokkr’s play upbeat music that gets you tapping your toes (I have a shot of tapping toes!)

“We know we’re connecting with people when they stop and dance or take pictures,” said Alex Mente, Ragnarokkr.

The Ragnarokkr’s have been performing at the Hostfest for 4 years and choose to come back because they love playing music, wearing the outfits, and they add that it’s even an excuse to grow out their beards.

“There’s been a lot of great memories and we’d like to create more,” said Mente.

They do create memories especially for the guests like Joi. She was so impressed by the songs they were singing, she started to record it on her tablet and she didn’t stop recording until they finished performing.

“I love all the music and I want to bring it back home and show my friends,” said Carlson.

Even after the Hostfest has passed, Joi will always remember Joy Street – not just for the name but also for the entertainment.

“We’ve become a part of the experience,” said Mente.

The Ragnarokkr’s play everyday of the Hostfest at the Trolls Stage.

They perform at 11 and 4 for an hour and half at a time.

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