NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Earth science and space science are not that different.
The rich and fertile soil we enjoy here in North Dakota is shaped from the universe.
Even the secret of life can be found just beneath our feet. So, how can we understand the miracle of life through North Dakota’s agriculture?

Soil experts, like Toby Hemenway, say everything on this planet came from outer space.
Earth’s gravity pulled base ingredients into our planet, and these eventually created the fertile land that sustains life. This same principle applies to our soil –forr life to exist, this combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon had to come together in a perfect way.
That’s why the science behind our universe and soil science are more connected than we think.

“When we study the way in which plants and soils and microbes work together,” says the USDA’s Laura Danly, “we’re really just studying another aspect of the universe.”

When it comes to space exploration, soil science is extremely important. Soil science on earth is the connection between living and non-living materials, such as microbes within our soil that help foster life. In order to explore space, and the potential for life beyond Earth, scientists have to understand the link between life and the soil, and how to replicate it in the universe.

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