The Woodhouse Owner to Step Down After 48 Years

Since 1969, the Woodhouse restaurant has been a staple in the Bismarck community. Bill Wood has owned it since its beginning, and says it’s simply time.

“I am old, and it’s time for me to leave,” said Wood.

Bill says nothing has really changed during the restaurant’s over 4 decade run. And that’s partly what keeps people coming back.

He added, “My motto is if there’s nothing wrong with it, don’t change it. And we haven’t.”

The restaurant is full of customers that have been coming for decades. Elvie Zelmer says 4 generations of her family – starting with her parents – always have reserved time in the week to come to Woodhouse.

She says, “I hope it sells, and I hope it stays like it is, because we thoroughly like to come here.” She says her grandkids call it, “the bestest place in town.” 

Then there’s Harold Friez. He has also been a regular since it’s opening. “It’s just still a good restaurant, and I hope it stays a good restaurant,” Friez.

Bill agrees. He wants the new owners, whoever they may be, to keep the restaurant virtually the way it is, and he has a few pointers for them.

He says, “To treat the customer right, don’t over-charge, serve good food, give good service.”

Bill also says he’d be available if the new owners ever need any help or input. It’s not an easy thing for him to let go.

“I just want to say to Bismarck and Mandan, you’ve been awfully good to me,” he said, lastly.

Bill says that he has already gotten some bites but has no idea when he’ll make the decision to sell. He wants the new owners to keep it “The Woodhouse”.

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