Therapy Dogs Pay Middle Schoolers a Visit

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A few furry companions visited Mandan Middle Schoolers today.

Wendi Holz brings in her four Bichon therapy dogs every month to play with the students. 

The dogs provide a sense of comfort and companionship in the special education office. However, the special education teacher says the dogs are stress relievers for any students at Mandan Middle School.

Eighth Grader Joslyn Jevne says, “Well the dogs are pretty cute, and they’re always helpful. They help us with being calm.”

Special Education Teacher Maggie Williams adds, “We have definitely seen a change with our students after the dogs are here. They’re more attentive, they’re more relaxed and the day just goes better. I wish I could have them in my room all day.”

The Bichons are also agility dogs. They’ll be flying out for a competition this weekend.

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