While Hawaii is getting all the attention these days due to lava flows and eruptions from Mount Kilauea, you might be surprised to learn Hawaii is only 1 of 12 U.S. states where active volcanoes exist.

In fact, Hawaii doesn’t make the top 4 in terms of states with the most active volcanoes.

According to the U.S. Geological Society and other state volcanic monitoring services, there are around 170 active volcanoes in the 12 states. Ranked from most to least volcanoes, here are those states and the number of volcanoes within each state’s borders:

1. Alaska: 141

2. California: 18

3. Oregon: 17

4. Washington: 7

5. Hawaii: 5

6. Utah: 4

7. Idaho: 4

8. New Mexico: 3

9. Arizona: 2

10. Nevada: 2

11. Colorado: 1

12. Wyoming: 1

To learn more about volcanoes in the nation, visit the volcano section of the U.S. Geological Society’s Web site.

The USGS also has a fairly comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQs) page that you can read and download.