Third threat made to Legacy High School

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A third threat has been made to Legacy High School.

Bismarck Public School’s says this threat was different than the previous two. Today’s threat came in at the end of the school day and was made directly to the school. The previous two threats were made to Bismarck law enforcement.

Bismarck School’s Superintendent made this statement that was sent to parents today:

At the end of the school day as students were leaving the building, Legacy High received another bomb threat phone call. This time the call came to the school, not the police department, and the voice sounded like that of a young person/student. We take all threats seriously, so law enforcement is on site and has searched LHS for the third time in 24 hours.

We ask all parents to talk with their child(ren) tonight about anything they may have heard or know about this recent call. We also ask that you check your child’s cell phone as soon as possible for any outgoing calls to a 323 number. If you find a call was made to a 323 number, dial the number to see if it goes to Legacy or Bismarck Public Schools. If you learn your child has made a hoax call, please contact our Safety Coordinator immediately, Becky LaBella, 527-7803.

We care deeply about our students, families and staff. We know it has been a difficult couple of days but we are working with law enforcement who we hope will be able to track all three calls and put an end to these school disruptions.


Tamara Uselman, Superintendent

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