This baby’s hair makes her 1 of 100 worldwide to have this condition


It’s called “Uncombable Hair Syndrome,” or UHS.

And while it seems a bit lighthearted at first glance, it is a real genetic condition that afflicts only 100 people on the planet.

It is the result of inheriting two copies of a specific gene mutation that alters the hair shaft.

UHS produces very fine hair that sticks straight out of the head. It cannot be combed down — it sticks back up straight everywhere on the head.

Taylor McGowan, who lives in the Chicago area, has UHS. The way the 18-month-old’s hair stands out reminds people of Albert Einstein.

And, in fact, Taylor has a Facebook page called “Baby Einstein 2.0,” a way to put a positive spin on the situation and educate people on UHS at the same time.

“My hair is caused by a scientifically identified genetic mutation called PADI3, and there are only roughly 100 documented cases of my condition WORLDWIDE!” Taylor’s page reads. “The medical name for my condition is Pili Trianguli et Canaliculi.”

Numerous photos of Taylor punctuate the page, highlighting her hair condition while showing a growing toddler that people who have visited the page and browsed through the images have called “a blessing,” “cute” and “adorable.”

Taylor’s parents, Cara and Tim, are adamant in creating a positive, strong image for her daughter, something that will help counter the negative comments likely to come in school, at play and elsewhere in public.

“Our message that we would like to spread is one of accepting diversity, loving oneself, and recognizing bullying and what it looks like and making it stop,” Cara said in a Buzzfeed interview. “Being different is OK, being different is acceptable, and it should be celebrated.”

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