Thousands Of Fish Killed This Past Winter In North Dakota Lakes

Bismarck – The long and exceptionally cold winter has taken its toll on something you may not have thought of – – Fish.

This morning, North Dakota Game and Fish were on Lake Harmon, North of Mandan to round up as many bluegill fish as they could.

The department says the entire bluegill population at the Crown Butte Dam were killed this past winter.

So, crews electrified the water, which temporarily stunned the fish so they could be gathered.

Afterward, they were moved North to the Crown Butte Dam.

We talked with the department, which says they think the restocking of the dam will be successful.

“Each one of these female fish that were moving might have ten to twenty thousand eggs in them. So we’re hoping to get our hands on a few of those females to reproduce and then a lot of little males along with them, and then just a few years down the road we’ll have a decent fish population again.”, said Paul Bailey: Fisheries Biologist: ND Game and Fish Department.

Crews were hoping to get between 500 and a thousand fish to take up to the Crown Butte Dam.

The department adds several other lakes in central and western North Dakota also suffered winter fish kills this year.

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