Threat against Erik Ramstad Middle School deemed unsubstantiated

It was a text message that raised concerns at Erik Ramstad Middle School.

“The individual who got this text did the exact correct thing, they came and they brought it to somebody who could investigate and who could try and work with the police to get to the bottom of this,” said superintendent Mark Vollmer.

The message involved violence toward Ramstad Middle School students. 

“It’s an important reminder for all us as we deal with school shootings in other areas in the country and threats of violence in our schools when something is off and when there are threats that are being made don’t dismiss it take it to the proper authorities,” said Vollmer.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “While there was no immediate threat the school remained on lock down until the end of the day with classes proceeding as normal”.

But some students chose to go home.

“It don’t feel safe even though there is safety in the school,” said student Grace Stroklund.

Other parents we spoke to told us they felt confident that their child would be okay. 

“It’s a little scary but I have a lot of confidence in the school system and the people out here so I feel like if they tell me that things are good out here then I’m going to trust what they say,” said parent Ann Nesheim.

Nesheim was informed of the situation through the school alert system.

“I got calls on everyone of my phone I got texts on my cell phone so they do a really good job at letting the word out,” said Nesheim.

School officials and the Minot Police Department encourage anyone to report any suspicious activity.

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