Throwback Thursday: Cold, Parades and Awkward Photos

Although this month has felt extremely cold.
It is nothing new.
In fact, for throwback Thursday- we’re going to take a look back at a cold December day in 2008.
“I’ve been thinking about the Bahamas, laying on the beach with a nice little drink on the side,” says Mike Greg.
His faceguard is iced over, and his gloves, boots and overalls are no match for the dangerously low temperatures.
(What’s cold right now?)
“My face, my hands,” says Mike Greg.
It was 19 below during this story eight years ago.
And as cold as it looks, Mike Greg of Bismarck was snowblowing a friend’s driveway after taking care of his own.
Meanwhile, Christmas parades have been going on for decades.
For Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look back to the year 1983.
Here’s the Santa Claus float at the Williston Christmas parade 33 years ago.
Santa and some helpers are waving at spectators as they go by the old Ben Franklin store in town.
This was taken by Bill Shemorry and saved by the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
You can see this and other historical photos on 
You may have heard of a fun phenomenon.
Awkward Family Photos.
It’s a new trend where families share old family photos that are, a little awkward!
Here’s one sent in by a friend of Amber Wheeler.
Beth Brevik shared this photo from Minot.
This is one that is awkward by design.
Although it looks like one of those old awkward photos, it was taken recently.
This couple clearly has a fun sense of humor.
Here are a few more sent in.
Pamela Adkins shared this photo.
Looks like not everyone is on the same page in this family photo.
And Jennifer Danielle shared this photo.
She says Jade loved Santa and Danika was ok, but Dylan was not a fan.
Finally, Deborah McDaniel shared a photo of her great-niece Vivian.
She was not very happy during her first visit with Santa!

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