Tick season is here

We’re not the only ones who’ve been waiting for warmer temperatures, ticks are also a sign of the warmer temps

“I know a lot of people said that they’re already out and it’s getting to be a little crazy already,” said Minot resident Codie Kemp.

Ticks may be small but don’t underestimate what their bite is capable of. 

“For one you can get Lyme disease and I heard it was pretty bad out in Minnesota and then some of it came over here,” said Kemp.

The latest tick surveillance conducted by the Department of Health found their are three types of ticks in North Dakota, all can carry disease.

“The data suggests we did see the American dog tick, deer ticks, and also the lone star tick,” said field epidemiologist Linda Larson.

Most of the time ticks are found in wooded brushy areas, something North Dakotans can’t really get away from.

“Any time you’ve been out in the brush you should do a tick check preferably within two hours,” said Larson.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “Some preventative measures you can take is buying products that contain DEET and when buying these products make sure that the word tick is on the label”.

“There’s another product out there that’s called permethrin and you can use that on tents and your gear,” said Larson.

If prevention doesn’t work and you’ve found a tick remove it immediately and watch for these symptoms. 

“Most of the time their generalized symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, fatigue, body aches and joint aches,” said Larson.

If you have any of those symptoms seek medical treatment right away. 

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