Tips and Tricks to Having a Safe Holiday with Pets

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, you can’t leave anyone out, and that includes your pet.

Here’s some last minute tips on how to celebrate the holidays safely with your favorite furry friends.

Whether they’re furry, or feathered, a pet is something special.

“You know they’re part of the family and you don’t want to leave any part of the family out,” Jessica Stephens, KT Animal Supply says,

And whether it’s dressing up, or indulging in holiday treats, you’re not the only one who might be in the Christmas spirit.

“He’s just such a good boy. We call him a Christmas pup because he’s such a big lover of the season,”  David Jankoviak, dog owner says.

‘Tis the season to treat your pets but it’s important to remember what you pick up has to be safe for the pets in your life.

When you’re decorating, remember to puppy proof your house.

Keep things like bulbs, and decorations off the floor, or out of reach and be careful about what you let them eat.

“The big thing with holidays is you don’t want to give your dogs cooked bones they can splinter or shatter,” Stephens says.

And though it might be tempting, don’t leave your pet to eat up the last of your Christmas left-overs.

“You want to avoid giving them a whole bunch of really fatty foods like pan drippings and things like that. People food in moderation,”  Stephens says.

To help all creatures enjoy the festivities.

“Keeping them safe for the holidays, is just like you, don’t over do it,  and make sure they only get things that are appropriate for them,”  Stephens says.

With a little bit of help from their owners.

“Oh he’s definitely been nice, he’s probably going to get like treats and probably some chocolate,” Jankoviak says.

“Yeah they are all getting spoiled this year,” Kelly Matthews, bird owner says.

If you are looking to give to more than just your own pets this holiday season, you can buy an ornament from KT Pet Supply. 

All money raised will go to providing local shelters with supplies and toys for homeless animals.

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