Tips for Parents to Not Share Too Much on Social Media

Parents may not realize, the photos they post of their children could be giving predators and identity thieves an easy target. KX news always strives to put your children’s safety first, which is why our reporter, Malique Rankin, has tips to ensure that what you’re posting, is only seen by the intended eyes.

When you post every milestone your child does, you may not realize just how broad an audience you’re reaching.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier; Morton County Sheriff’s Department: “You do open it up to a stalking situation possibly”

Which is why Kelsey Pierson made the decision to keep her 10-month-old offline.

Kelsey Pierson; Mom “I just couldn’t even imagine somebody seeking out my little baby for photos or anything like that.”

A point echoed throughout my interview with Sheriff Kirchmeier is to know your privacy settings.

For instagramming parents, predators can search for hashtags, like #pottytraining and see hundreds of photos in seconds.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier; Morton County Sheriff’s Department: “That information is available to many many many besides who you intend it for.”

For Pierson, the decision to not post her daughter was a simple one, knowing the consequences of photos getting in the wrong hands.

Kelsey Pierson; Mom “Just realizing how many people steal their photos and use them as their own profiles, that just really pushed us to keep her safe and off media.”

89 percent of parents haven’t checked their social media privacy settings in over a year. 

And it’s something that can be done in less than a minute.

For tips on how to check your privacy settings on all social media platforms, click here.

By age 2, 90 percent of toddlers have an online footprint according to study by security company, AVG. This is why Sheriff Kirchmeier says it’s worth the time to know your privacy settings.

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