Tips to Identify Counterfeit Money

Earlier this week, Bismarck Police confiscated $8,000 in counterfeit bills. Our Malique Rankin sat down with a business that was affected.
For our small business owners and consumers alike, we have some tips to identify counterfeit bills, because we know how important your investment in the community is.

Jenelle Bortke owns Orange Leaf. She says improving training with new employees could help prevent counterfeit bills ending up in her register.

Jenelle Botke; Owner of Orange Leaf:  “My employee took the $100 bill, gave her her change. Then, the gal I think thought, ‘oh that was pretty easy.’ And she said, ‘Can I break another 100?’ And so, that was a red flag.”

The woman left before police arrived.

Jenelle Bortke: “The police came, looked at our surveillance, took the counterfeit money, and from there, they had got another call, I think from Gordman’s.”

And that’s where police found them– All 4 suspects were arrested at Gordman’s with conspiracy to commit counterfeiting.

There’s actually a couple of simple ways to check if dollar bills are authentic. Newer bills all have color shifting ink on the bottom right hand corner, that counterfeits do not. And, that’s not the only tell. 

Shawna Kost; Risk Manager and Internal Auditor for Dakota Community Trust:  “A watermark of the face of the bill is always on the right-hand side of the bill as well.”

There’s also an embedded security strip, it glows under black light. If you’re uncertain you can see the difference, you can also feel for it

“The neck, usually on the collar, you should be able to strum it with your finger nail and feel little bumps.”

Bismarck Police says if you’ve been given a counterfeit bill, to call them immediately.

If you’re questioning whether or not a bill is authentic, you can take it to any local bank to verify it.
They have scanners and can tell you in just a couple seconds.

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