Tips to staying on track with your fitness goals this New Year

With a new year in sight, new goals and fitness seem to make it to many resolution lists.

“It’s all about dedication more than motivation,” said Minot resident Nora Gayzur.

For Gayzur, honoring her commitment means working out a schedule that is realistic.

“Most of my time I’m teaching, I’m grading,  I’m doing all this other stuff. I actually have to  make time for it,” said Gayzur. 

and that’s the number one step to stick to your fitness goals.

“You need to set smart goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely,” said personal trainer Tori Torsen.

Maybe that means committing to a group fitness class twice a week, or having someone else alongside you for motivation. 

“If you have a workout partner or a class that you got to for accountability that’s huge, consistency is key,” said Torsen. 

Nathalie Gomez/KX news: One of the popular goals when it comes to fitness is weight loss and the best way to achieve  this is by doing some cardio or strength training like lifting these weights”. 

“Building muscle is really important with resistance training because you will burn more calories and raise your metabolism and it will help your metabolism,” said Toreson.

She says high intensity workouts are effective as well.

‘It’s hard work but it’s also in a short amount of time so you’re working for 30 45 seconds and then resting from 15 seconds,” said Torsen.

Torsen says it’s also important to consider nutrition

“You want about 50 percent carbs, 30 percent fats and 20 percent protein,” said Torsen.

She says start small because it’s all a process, but with time and dedication you notice results. 

Other tips include downloading a nutrition tracker app, and adding more movement to your daily routine.

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