Today at the Legislature: Abortion, Criminal Justice Reform, and Flatbed Trucks

Criminal justice reform, abortion, and flatbed trucks — here’s what’s on the agenda at the North Dakota Capitol today.

  • The House Human Services Committee will hear two bills relating to abortion: HB 1336 and HB 1546. One of those bills would impose a class C felony charge on abortion patients who receive “human dismemberment abortions,” otherwise known as dilation and evacuation procedures, which are typically used to end pregnancies in the second trimester. The procedures would be outlawed in non-emergency cases. That hearing is at 9:45 AM in the Fort Union Room.
  • A series of bills relating to criminal justice reform — HB 1164, HB 1183, HB 1185, and HB 1211 — will be discussed by the House Judiciary Committee at 9:00 AM in the Prairie Room. Topics include reducing jail time for some crimes and offering a path to lower some charges from felonies to misdemeanors in exchange for completing a course or community-related task.
  • HCR 3021 asks for Legislative Management to study the idea of privatizing Minot State University. That hearing will take place at 4:00 PM.
  • Votes are scheduled on the Senate floor on SB 2206, which would require bars to have breathalyzers for sale, and SB 2129, which would make it illegal to ride in the flatbed of a truck if you’re under 18. Both bills received ‘do not pass’ recommendations in committee hearings.

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