Today in Session: Speed Limit Bill, Infertility Insurance, and Tribal Taxation

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It’s crunch time at the capitol as the Senate and House have days to get their bills on the floor for a vote. Now Lawmakers in both the Senate and the House are fast-tracking bills to meet their crossover deadline. Typically, bills with new amendments are given an extra day to allow our legislators to read up on them and give an informed decision on their vote. Today, both chambers are considering amendments and voting on bills on the same day. 

HB 1264: The speed limit bill that lost to a tie Wednesday in the house, could have been reintroduced today. Representative Jake Blum tells us he was not able to sway enough votes to believe the bill would pass. So for anyone hoping to drive 80 mph legally on the interstates, well you won’t be able to do so. 

Several of the bills we track were up for vote in the Senate. 

SB 2233: A bill to offer insurance coverage for infertility treatments failed in the house. The bill carrier says the costs are just too high. But it wasn’t before some emotional debate. 

Sen. John Grabinger (D): “..Thus possibly giving these medically impacted women a miracle beyond belief and letting them become the mother they wish to be.”

Sen. Krisitn Roers (R): “If only one state has passed this, we haven’t really had the opportunity to see how this could play out. I think that we are better off voting red and letting a little more time pass before we move forward on this.”

The final vote was 11-35.

SB 2257: The house also voted on a bill that specified how the state government and tribal government collects alcohol and tobacco tax. The bill would prevent customers from getting taxed twice, once by the tribes, and once by the state. The bill passed with a 45-0 vote. 

Crossover is one week from today. 

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