Top Auctioneers Battle For Regional Crown

Some fast-talking salesmen from eight states were plying their trade in North Dakota today.
Jim Olson takes us to Rugby Livestock, where the search was on for the top auctioneer in the region.

It’s all about the chant.

The rhythm

And, most importantly, the sale


The mesmerizing lilt of the auctioneer is an integral part of the cattle business – the voice of opportunity – the chance for owners to sell, and for buyers to start fresh.

And on this day, the auctioneers were trying for something special of their own.

(Tim Yoder, Georgia Auctioneer) “If you ever win this contest, that’s quite the title to be named the Greater Midwest Livestock Auction champ.”
(Ron Torgerson, Competition Host) “We have 17 auctioneers from eight different states.”

You can hear it in his voice – that’s Ron Torgerson, a longtime auctioneer.

(Ron Torgerson, Competition Host) “I did for almost 40 years, I sold cattle pretty much all over North Dakota.”

Same for Tony Heinze 

(Tony Heinze, Competition Organizer) “I have not won it, but have taken third place five times.”

Their auctioneer voices have graced rings for decades – and they were there when this competition got its start 30 years ago.

(Tony Heinze, Competition Organizer) “The first contest was held in West Fargo in 1989.”
(Tim Yoder, Georgia Auctioneer) “This is my fourth time competing in this contest…”

Tim Yoder traveled the longest distance to be here – he’s from Georgia – and says he overcame some skepticism to get into the business.

(Tim Yoder, Georgia Auctioneer) “Growing up I had a lot of people talk about how slow that I talked. So I had a lot of people that made jokes about it when they heard I was going to auction school.”

But he’s competing – along with contestants from seven other states – all hoping for a bit of recognition for their role in helping cattle move.
In Rugby, Jim Olson, KX News.

By the end of the day, it was the auctioneer from Georgia – Tim Yoder – that was crowned the Greater Midwest Livestock Auction champ.
Second place went to Shane Wolf of Golden Valley. Nick Caspers of Bismarck was third.

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