The U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday released more findings from the 2020 Census, including local population changes, a new snapshot of the racial and ethnic makeup of the country, adult and under-age-18 populations and much more.

Results for North Dakota showed some significant changes.

The most noteworthy, McKenzie County and Williams County were among the fastest-growing areas in the last decade in the country: McKenzie County grew by 131% and Williams County by 83%.

The entire state’s population also grew, from 672,591 to 779,094 — a nearly 16% change.

Courtesy: U.S. Census Bureau

The two fastest-growing micro areas (defined as one or more adjacent counties or county-equivalents with at least one urban core area of at least 10,000 population but less than 50,000) were in Williston and Dickinson.

North Dakota also had the fastest-growing population under age 18, at 22.1% growth.

As for housing units, the county with the largest percent increase in housing was McKenzie County, which grew 147.9%.

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