21-year-old North Dakota man accused of raping 4 teenage girls

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A registered sex offender is charged with two new counts of gross sexual imposition against two separate girls under the age of 17.

Court documents say 21-year-old Alexander Matson forced two juvenile girls to engage in sexual activities with him while entrapping them in his vehicle.

One case happened in October of 2018, court documents say Matson raped her in his car on a rural gravel road and threatened her with violence if she told anyone.

The second case happened in January of 2019.
Wells County court documents accuse Matson of raping the second girl in his vehicle on a gravel road.
He threatened to leave her outside on the road with no phone or coat if she didn’t have sex with him.
Law Enforcement say it was 15 degrees below zero on that day.

Matson is currently registered as a low-level sex offender.
In 2016 he was charged with multiple sex crimes in Foster County.
He was accused of raping two different juvenile girls in the fall of 2016.
He pled guilty to GSI in one case, he received 3 years of supervised probation, and a 3 year suspended sentence.
In the other case, he received deferred prosecution.

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