A final goodbye to Lauren Kalberer, after over 20 years at KX News

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Today’s KX Conversation was a very special one. We were joined by our very own Lauren Kalberer.

“I like to interview, I don’t like to be interviewed,” Lauren said, with a laugh.

“Yes. This is a conversation none of us are really looking forward to. But, if you haven’t heard by now, this is Lauren’s last day. The question a lot of people are asking is why?” Nicholas Quallich said.

“Well, first of all, I’ve cried 10 times today. Do not make me cry,” Lauren said.

“I’ll do my best,” Nicholas replied.

“It’s just time. I have been here a long time with the exception of about a two-year break. I started working at KX 12 in 1997. I was still in college. I did– we call it a CG operator. I typed in the sports scores and not too many years after that, they asked me if I would consider being an evening anchor after a couple years of weather and failing miserably at weather. As much as you like weather, not everybody is good at it and I was not. So, I suppose in 2002, I became the six and 10 anchor and I’ve enjoyed every moment. But, it’s time,” Lauren said.

“So, next question, what do you do after news?” Nicholas asked.

“You know me. For those people who know me really well, I have a passion, always have enjoyed buying houses, selling houses, flipping houses, starting projects, building houses. So, I think it’s only natural now that when I decided that my time was up at KX that I would get my real estate license.
So, that’s what I’ll be doing. I will still be in Bismarck and you will still see me,” Lauren said.

“And I suspect you’ll have a little more time playing the role of mom,” Nicholas said.

“A lot more time. My youngest child will be in kindergarten next year. And once he goes to school, it’s official. I don’t see my kids anymore. He’ll be in school, as will my daughters. So, I don’t see them during the day when I’m home. And when they’re done with school, they’re home and I’m not. Even though I expect to work some unbelievable hours, even if I’m gone three nights a week, it’s probably better than five. I’d like to tuck my kids into bed,” Lauren said.

“And final question, for people that have watched you and know what you’ve done over these last years and maybe there are people out there interested in becoming a journalist, what’s your advice?” Nicholas asked.

“Be prepared to work. You know what it’s like. The news never stops; it’s like milking cows which was my first job in Hazelton,” Lauren answered. “By the way, there are no holidays. You are constantly on your phone, checking your emails, checking on the fires, whether it’s your day off or not. But it is a wonderful career and I’ve truly enjoyed every moment.”

“Well, I know I can speak for everybody here. We’ve enjoyed having you here. You’ve meant so much to the station. And I’m sure, by the end of tonight, we’ll have a couple more surprises. Lauren, thank you so much,” Nicholas said.

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