North Dakota (KXNET) — Reports show that gas prices have increased over the last three years which is stressful for most Americans. But it can be extra stressful for those that rely on large amounts of gas to make a living, like our state’s agriculture and industrial producers. But now, farmers, ranchers, and industrial producers can get some of that gas money back.

This is due to the state fuel taxes on gasoline or gasohol in 2022. Farmers and ranchers are eligible to receive a refund of up to 23 cents per gallon, and Industrial consumers could see up to a 22.5 cents per gallon return on gas and Gasohol purchases.

Gasohol is a mixture of usually around 90% gas and 10% ethanol, usually used for internal combustion engines.

This refund comes from taxing motor fuels that are usually allocated for the upkeep of highways. But North Dakota’s State Tax Commissioner, Brian Kroshus says that industrial consumers, farmers, and ranchers are eligible for refunds since their equipment typically does not utilize public roads.

Producers will need to apply through the states tax website by June 30th, to see the money returned.